The Only Products Of Their Kind That Allows Two-Way TextChat From A Prospect’s Mobile Device

CLOSE More Leads

Did You Know:  About 1 in 4 TextChats result in a financial transaction – compare that to live web chat where from 1 in 10 to 1 in 20 live web chats result in a financial transaction.

*TextChat and Live Web Chat are not competing services.  They are Complimentary.

Different prospects will use different services.  Prospects early in the Car buying process often use live web chat and are not comfortable giving up their cell phone number.  However Prospects getting more serious about buying a car will use TextChat™ so that they don’t miss a response when off the dealer website.


SELL More Service

  The ONLY product of its kind that allows your Service Advisors TWO-WAY TextChat™ with your service customers.

No More Phone Tag: Service TextChat™ streamlines communication with your customers.

Update the customer on additional service work that needs to be performed in writing in a TextChat™ message. This prompts a quicker more reliable approval to perform additional work, and it’s archived in the TextChat™ dashboard.

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