Empower Your Critical Alert System With Texting

No one likes to think about it, but every company should have a disaster plan in place. Especially with recent events like Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, now is the time to reflect on the best way to keep our coworkers and families safe. That’s because if catastrophe does strike, you have mere seconds to alert those affected.

Text messaging is the most immediate communication channel, which makes it particularly effective for critical situations. Here’s how:

Our unique Smart Targeting enables you to send alerts to only the people affected, so you don’t needlessly worry those who aren’t. For example, if your Edmonton office is shut down due to a winter storm, there’s no need to immediately notify your office in Calgary.
Prompt those affected to respond “Yes” or “No” for whether or not they are in need of assistance so you can assess the situation instantaneously.
Create automated disaster protocols that minimize your manual tasks, so you can focus on making sure everyone is safe. For example:

A university would first send out an alert about the situation, and ask students if they’re currently on campus.
For those who reply “No”, they would automatically be sent a notice telling them to stay away, and subsequent alerts as the situation unfolds. If the student replies “Yes”, they would automatically be asked which building they are in.
Based on their answer, the student would automatically be sent that building’s specific evacuation route.

Just in case someone never checks their texts or simply isn’t near their mobile, you can still contact them by sending the alert via email, social media, and voice calls.
Don’t just send messages, receive them so you can answer questions and communicate with those in need of help.
If you are unable to reach your computer due to the disaster, you can still access our system from your mobile phone to send a message to your entire distribution list.

Contact Alberta Mobile Marketing and strategize your disaster plan today, so you’re not caught off guard without it.