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Are Your Customers Safe?

Free Wi-Fi has driven 88% of Canadians to put their personal info at risk: report

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“Public Wi-Fi hotspots are open networks, which means anyone with the right tools can access the information as it travels on the network,” Kevin Haley, Norton’s director of security response

“The most common misconception about public Wi-Fi is that it’s secure,” Kevin Haley

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We Offer Safer Wi-Fi!

Wi-Fi hotspot providers are legally liable for the online content users access while using their connection. Therefore, it is important to protect yourself and secure your Wi-Fi network with a web content filtering tool. The cloud-based content filtering system offered by Alberta Mobile Marketing allows you to limit the range of domains Wi-Fi users can browse, by blocking access to illegal websites and inappropriate content, i.e. pornography. Furthermore, securing your Wi-Fi hotspot is very crucial to avoid the most common cyber threats, such as malware and botnets.

You Can Isolate Your Customers Among Each Other and the Guests Server ISOLATES FROM LAN RESOURCES option prevents Wi-Fi clients to access hosts other than the gateway, providing a layer-3 (IP) isolation.