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January Special • $25 Proximity Marketing Special

Proximity Marketing

Provide real-time push notifications and promotions automatically to customers who pass a physical Beacon at your  business location. Think of beacons as “buttons or links to the physical world around you”.

1. Attract new customers – Implement a pull strategy

With our beacons deployed at your storefront, you can directly communicate with your consumer’s phone and tell her about specials, discounts and coupons. The outcome of such campaigns is positive because, for example, coffee shop owners have a much more robust picture of what customers are doing in and around their stores, and they can base their offers on data rather than assumptions. For most of our customers owning a coffee shop, the click-through-rate (CTR) is 3-4%, which is 30 times the CTR of a Facebook ad!


2. Inform customers about your services/events to bring them back

You might be offering a suite of services for your customers at the coffee shop, such as free WiFi, electrical outlets at each table for laptops, poetry readings and more, but it’s important to inform them about it at the right place and time. And our beacons are just pro in it!

Also, to widen the reach, push a shareable link about the service/event so that they can forward it to friends and family as well.


3. Push loyalty programs to win frequent patrons

Loyalty programs can be as simple as notifications with the promise of receiving every Nth cup of coffee free, which can be attractive to daily coffee drinkers. These offers are most effective while customers are paying their bills.

4. Quantify the success of your marketing campaigns

For local businesses, it is important to understand what works and what doesn’t. Budget dedicated to marketing fails only when one cannot numerically predict the ROI from it. One of the major faults in billboards, fliers, magazine ads etc. is that you cannot measure the impact. It is difficult to learn what language connects best with the mass, which places are the best for advertisement etc.


Affordable Message Beacons System For Your Business!

Only $25/Month for most businesses

Our Bluetooth Smart™ Proximity Beacon (Indoor): Purchase Cost: $25 (Regular $37.95) | Setup: $25 (One Time Fee) | Monthly Charge: $25 (1 to 3 Beacons) | Changes: (URL, Output, Range) $10 per Beacon
Bulk Rates on more than 3 beacons available (Great For Multiple Locations, Realtor’s Listings, Multiple Areas)

January 2018 Special Offer

1 to 3 Bluetooth Smart™ Proximity Beacons
Delivered & Setup for FREE Just pay the Purchase Price $25 Each (Regular $37.95) and a Monthly Charge $25 (Total Monthly Fee For 1 to 3 Beacons)

Order Now

$25 Loyalty Program!

Capitalize on More Repeat Business by offering a Customer Loyalty Program tailored to your business!

For Only $25.00* Per Month You Get:

100 Loyalty Card Downloads

Alberta Mobile Marketing Loyalty Card


STEP 1: Distribute The Punch Card

Customers can easily download your Punch Card to their Mobile Wallet on their iPhone, Android or Windows phone by clicking a URL, scanning a QR code, tapping an NFC Tag, or by clicking an SMS link.


STEP 2: GPS & Beacon Notifications

Customers who’ve downloaded your Punch Card will get a custom lock screen notification when they come within a certain defined area of your city or in-store with the use of Beacons. This acts as a gentle reminder to customers to come visit the business and get rewarded for doing so.



STEP 3: Customer Scans Punch Card

You, the business owner or your staff can securely validate the Punch Card and award an additional “Punch” that’s instantly added to the customer’s Mobile Wallet Punch Card. No more carrying around “old school” paper or plastic Punch Cards.

STEP 4: Reward Loyal Customers

Once a customer has reached the campaign goal, they receive a mobile reward in their mobile wallet, such as a Free Coffee, which they can easily redeem at the point of sale. You, the business owner is content because the transaction was accurate and secure and the customers leave happy after being rewarded for their loyalty.

Check this out on your smartphone:

Or Just Try It Out:

* $25.00 Set Up Fee (One Time)
* 200 Loyalty Cards $35
* 300 Loyalty Cards $45
* 400 Loyalty Cards $50
* Contact Us For Larger Quantities • Multiple Locations

Plus You can send Messages & Offers directly to their wallet cards for a nominal fee!

Limited Time Special Offer Expires December 31, 2017

Pay only $25.00 per Month
Cancel Any Time!

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Empower Your Critical Alert System With Texting

No one likes to think about it, but every company should have a disaster plan in place. Especially with recent events like Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, now is the time to reflect on the best way to keep our coworkers and families safe. That’s because if catastrophe does strike, you have mere seconds to alert those affected.

Text messaging is the most immediate communication channel, which makes it particularly effective for critical situations. Here’s how:

Our unique Smart Targeting enables you to send alerts to only the people affected, so you don’t needlessly worry those who aren’t. For example, if your Edmonton office is shut down due to a winter storm, there’s no need to immediately notify your office in Calgary.
Prompt those affected to respond “Yes” or “No” for whether or not they are in need of assistance so you can assess the situation instantaneously.
Create automated disaster protocols that minimize your manual tasks, so you can focus on making sure everyone is safe. For example:

A university would first send out an alert about the situation, and ask students if they’re currently on campus.
For those who reply “No”, they would automatically be sent a notice telling them to stay away, and subsequent alerts as the situation unfolds. If the student replies “Yes”, they would automatically be asked which building they are in.
Based on their answer, the student would automatically be sent that building’s specific evacuation route.

Just in case someone never checks their texts or simply isn’t near their mobile, you can still contact them by sending the alert via email, social media, and voice calls.
Don’t just send messages, receive them so you can answer questions and communicate with those in need of help.
If you are unable to reach your computer due to the disaster, you can still access our system from your mobile phone to send a message to your entire distribution list.

Contact Alberta Mobile Marketing and strategize your disaster plan today, so you’re not caught off guard without it.

5 SMS Text Message Marketing Etiquette Tips

Millions of people use mobile phones for communication ever day. In fact, more people are using text messaging than phone calls via their mobile devices.

Mobile phones are one of the most essential gadgets and a necessity to most people – especially in line of business. Because of that, marketing strategies involving mobile promotion have been utilized by many businesses to reach out to potential customers – including SMS text message marketing.

However, in order for SMS text marketing to be effective, you have to be careful about how you use it.   Similar to other marketing strategies, mobile marketing also needs to be thoroughly planned out in order to get the best return on your investment. The way you use SMS text marketing in your business greatly impacts the outcome of your goals.   

Your etiquette and creativity in mobile promotion of your business affects the amount of attention you will get from people. The response you get from people depends on how well you present your products and services to them.

The following are a few SMS Text Message Marketing etiquette tips that will help:

  1. Be straightforward

  • Beating around the bush of what you are trying to say will confuse people, which means they won’t comprehend your message. Be clear about your message. If you want them to take some type of action, tell them exactly what you want them to do and there’s a better chance of them actually doing it.
  1. Use proper language

  • Language is one most important aspects of effective communication. Do not use offensive and foul words in relaying SMS promotion. Choose your words carefully.
  1. Be honest

  • Don’t use exaggerated claims or out-right “untruths” when using SMS text message marketing. The last thing you want is a bad reputation for your business so keep your text messages 100% honest.
  1. Be polite and courteous

  • One way of getting customers is through courtesy and politeness. When people are pleased with the way you interact with them via text messaging, they will stay on your list a lot longer. If they sense one bit of rudeness, they won’t hesitate to opt-out of your list.
  1. Provide free information

  • Don’t constantly send text messages about promotional offers. Every now and then, send your list some free tips that they would find useful. You’d be surprised at the level of customer-loyalty that is created just by giving out free information regarding your industry.

Restaurant Owners

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