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10 Ways to Make Customers Fall in Love with Your Business

  1. Treat your Customers Right – Genuinely Interact
  2. Don’t Come on Too Strong – Respect Your Customers
  3. Always Listen – Hear What Your Customers are Saying
  4. Continue to Satisfy – Offer Ongoing Support and Specials
  5. Treat a Customer Like a Valued Partner – Communication is Two Way
  6. Build Trust – Alert Customers to Large Scale Changes, Good or Bad
  7. Be Transparent – Honesty is Crucial When it comes to Mistakes
  8. Follow Through on Your Word – Follow Up on Promises
  9. Recognize Responsibility – The Customer is Always Right
  10. Always Say “Thank You” – Kindness and Gratitude will Take You Far

    For a more in depth view go to Kissmetrics Blog

If they like dealing with you

Ask them to tell their friends!
If NOT, ask them to tell you!

Your Reputation Is Everything

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Did you know that

because over 90% of all text messages are opened within the first few minutes, our proprietary mobile review funnel helps empower your staff and employees to help generate recent customer feedback and safely turn them into positive online reviews.

The Benefits of Our Reputation Management System

Generate Fresh Customer Online Reviews Daily

The key to winning new business and boosting revenue is through social proof from your most recent happy visitors. Help prospective customers choose you over your competitors by ranking higher and being the obvious choice.

Increase Employee Accountability

Leverage your key staff and employees that work directly with customers through gamifcation of the feedback process. Our powerful leader board module adds social proof to motivate and incentivize employees to actively participate in the review getting process.

Start Generating Reviews In 3 Easy Steps

This Proven Process Guarantees You’ll See Results Fast

1 Start the process by simply adding in your recent customers name and their mobile phone number.

Then sit back while our proprietary review funnel does the rest. You can even assign customer feedback to a specific department or employee. Zero technical skills required.

2 Customers receive a simple one question survey via text message asking for feedback.

Your recent customer responds sharing their experience with your company, and based on predetermined settings, are routed to post a review online or to a branded page matching the sentiment of their feedback!

3 Positive responders are immediately asked to leave a review on top sites like Google, Yelp, or Social Sites like Facebook.

Our proprietary software automatically launches the application or page instantly on your customer’s mobile device or desktop browser.

Negative responders are kept inside the system and directed to a survey form allowing them to share their experience with just you.

Our proven feedback funnel catches a potential negative review and alerts you to an issue before they show up online as a 1 star review.


Owners and Managers Say Our Reputation Management Software Helps Them:

  • Increase online reviews
  • Employee accountability
  • More customers and revenue


We Had Our Account Setup And Sending Review Requests In No Time.
By: Mark – Sept 21, 2016

The account wizard and setup process made getting started a breeze. Our customer experience standards are very high, and this helps us ensure we meet that standard. We now have all of our service techs in the field generating feedback as part of each service call.


We Saw Results Immediately – Adding Dozens of New Reviews The First Month
By: Joanna – Aug 7, 2016

I usually struggle with technology and was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to get started and send out feedback requests. We started seeing new reviews being posted online in the first few days. All I did was put in my customers numbers and the software did the rest. Simply Amazing!

With our automated account creation wizard and powerful mobile review funnel you’ll have fresh online reviews coming in from your most recent customers in no time.

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