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Have You Seen The Latest Mobile vs. Desktop Stats?

Julia from sent me the Latest Mobile vs. Desktop Stats.

“More and more, mobile usage is surpassing desktop usage as the way most people surf the web, shop online, use social media and do other online tasks. And the data seems to show that trend will only continue, as more and more people around the globe primarily use mobile devices to get online.









People are already using mobile devices more than desktop computers to access the web, and the data shows that’s unlikely to change. In the future, mobile users are likely to continue to become more prevalent than desktop users. Could there come a day when desktop computers and laptops are obsolete because of mobile devices? Only time will tell, but the data makes it seem like a possibility.”

Mobile is disrupting the way people engage with brands.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is the interactive multichannel promotion of products or services for mobile phones and devices, smartphones and networks. Mobile marketing channels are diverse and include technology, trade shows or billboards.
~ Techopedia

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Restaurateur – Restaurant Owner

Are You A Restaurateur?

Or just a person that owns a restaurant.

A restaurateur is a person who opens and runs restaurants professionally.

Although over time the term has come to describe any person who owns a restaurant, traditionally it refers to a highly skilled professional who is proficient in all aspects of the restaurant business.

You know your business! You also know you can’t do everything yourself. You rely on your well trained staff to do many of the right things that makes your business a success.

That should be enough! Right?

Unfortunately, many restaurateurs find it takes all their time operating a successful restaurant. They know they need to continually get new clientèle and work to keep the clientèle they have.

Do you know how to market your restaurant effectively & cost efficiently? Get new customers in the door while keeping your current ones coming back. That can be a business on its own!

We provide the answer!

Start with a simple Coupon or Loyalty system. For $25.00/month we will provide you with a “wallet” Coupon or Loyalty Program.
You offer it to your new or existing clientèle by signs and/or table tents at your establishment. Put a link on your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.). Put it in your print ads. Tell them about it!
The Coupon or Loyalty program resides on their cellphone.
As long as they have the coupon or Loyalty Program or even your “wallet” Business Card, you are able to keep in touch with them via inexpensive messages to that electronic wallet pass.
A Business Card in their wallet is there forever or until they delete it from their wallet. (What did you do to justify that?)
A Coupon can simply be scanned and redeemed via a cellphone or tablet.
A Loyalty Card can be scanned for a check in, to receive points or redeemed.

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Are you Insane?

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

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7 Reasons You Need to Mobilize Your Business Today

There are a lot of new and exciting marketing strategies formulated every day in an attempt to penetrate into the public’s interests. One of the most effective, cutting-edge marketing methods being used today is mobile marketing. Thanks to the overwhelmingly popular cell phone, businesses can no longer ignore the importance of a mobile-friendly presence if they really want to reach their target audiences.

Mobile marketing encompasses many different types of marketing techniques and strategies that help businesses increase profits and ROI.  The most popular forms of mobile marketing today are: mobile-friendly websites, SMS text message marketing, and QR (Quick Response) codes.

You may be wondering why everyone is hopping on the mobile marketing bandwagon…

This should help clear it up:

  1. Consumers are using their mobile devices to access the Internet more than ever before – and it’s expected to grow at astonishing rates over the next few years. If your business is not using mobile methods to attract customers, you are simply missing out on business.
  2. There are approximately 4.5 BILLION mobile subscribers across the world. This means that you can target pretty much anyone using mobile methods.
  3. Most mobile device users keep their phones within arm’s reach over 90 percent of the time. So if you use SMS Text Message Marketing, most of your messages will be opened and read by your recipients. This leads to higher promotional redemption rates, which leads to more sales, which leads to more profits.
  4. Americans today are spending an average of three hours per day on the Internet from their mobile devices. Your business should have the proper mobile presence if you want to get a piece of this action.
  5. In 2009, approximately half a BILLION people went online using their mobile device. This number is expected to double within the next 5 years. It’s not too late to implement mobile marketing techniques in your business. This technology is still in its infancy and if you jump on board now, your chance of success will be much greater.
  6. By 2014, mobile Internet usage exceeded desktop Internet usage. This means that reaching your audience via mobile methods is even more crucial if you want to beat your competition.
  7. According to Facebook official statistics from their fourth quarter 2015, Facebook revealed it now has 1.59 billion monthly active users (up 14 percent year-over-year), and 1.44 billion are monthly mobile users (up 21 percent year over year). Facebook also shared that it now has 1.04 billion daily active users (a 17 percent bump year over year) and 934 million mobile daily active users (a 25 percent increase year over year). Put another way, 65.41 percent of all Facebook members use the service daily, and 64.86 percent of mobile members use it daily as well.

These facts indicate the serious impact that mobilizing your business will have on your sales, profits, and ROI over the coming months and years.