10 Ways to Make Customers Fall in Love with Your Business

  1. Treat your Customers Right – Genuinely Interact
  2. Don’t Come on Too Strong – Respect Your Customers
  3. Always Listen – Hear What Your Customers are Saying
  4. Continue to Satisfy – Offer Ongoing Support and Specials
  5. Treat a Customer Like a Valued Partner – Communication is Two Way
  6. Build Trust – Alert Customers to Large Scale Changes, Good or Bad
  7. Be Transparent – Honesty is Crucial When it comes to Mistakes
  8. Follow Through on Your Word – Follow Up on Promises
  9. Recognize Responsibility – The Customer is Always Right
  10. Always Say “Thank You” – Kindness and Gratitude will Take You Far

    For a more in depth view go to Kissmetrics Blog

If they like dealing with you

Ask them to tell their friends!
If NOT, ask them to tell you!

Your Reputation Is Everything

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